October 2014 Sam Pearson


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Join us on Friday October 3, 2014 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Through my plein air pastels, nuances of light and shadows are quickly recorded, allowing me to  share fleeting tranquil moments observed in the natural world. The essence of pastels encourages the tendency to paint in raw bold pigments, thus challenging me to observe the subtle color in nature.

Early morning is a favorite time to paint, where warm light and defining shadows may be captured. Starting with a small value sketch to simplify my composition, a quick underpainting is next completed using complementary colors, followed by the brushwork of the painting using alcohol mixed with water. Once dried, soft pastels are applied, dark to light. I take the painting to about ninety percent completion in the field, then return to the studio for the final touches several days later.

Nothing satisfies me more than comments about a particular painting, describing the effects and enjoyment others receive from it.

Surrounded by my mother’s fine art growing up, it wasn’t until my mid forties that I seriously began painting.

Through this undertaking, I have discovered, that art is simply the delivery system of my soul.

Sam Pearson

About Sam

Sam was born on the East Coast, but was transplanted to the Bay Area in 1956, where he was raised with his six other brothers. Since his mother, Delores, was an artist, he was surrounded by art through his childhood and young adulthood.

After completing college and serving as a military policeman in the Army National Guard, Sam joined the San Jose Police Department . During his  21 years of service, he attained the rank of lieutenant, and launched both the mounted unit and the helicopter program.

In 1993 Sam left the department to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Just four years later, in 1997, one of his paintings earned Sam the prize of a workshop with renowned portrait artist Daniel Greene at his New York studio, presented by the Pastel Society of the West Coast. Sam’s other training includes a recent intense workshop in Idaho with Scott Christensen, an accomplished plein air painter.

Sam’s wife of 36 years, Addie, owned and operated Adeline’s, a popular hair salon in Los Gatos, where many of his paintings are on display. Together with Addie, Sam enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, skiing,and running. But his favorite pastime is plein air painting (painting quickly outside in the style of the impressionists). Sam and Addie also love to travel the world together, which provides the inspiration for many of Sam’s paintings. k

Sam lives and maintains his art studio in Los Gatos, Ca.  He frequently teaches art to first-graders