Michaelangelo Gallery is located along the banks of the San Lorenzo River, across from the historic Salz Tannery, originally built in 1856. The gallery still maintains its old farm-house charm despite its recent renovations that include an artist live-work studio development, surrounding art studios, storage spaces and the 5000 square-foot gallery space. Angelo Grova, owner of MichaelAngelo Gallery, built this space conscientiously maintaining the barn-yard architecture and style characteristic of the old Tannery.

Once attached to the Salz Leather Tannery, the foundation and structure of Michaelangelo Gallery and Michaelangelo Studios was used for leather production.  It was called the “hide house.”


This development was once the oldest and largest leather factory west of the Mississippi. Where art now hangs in the main gallery, animal hides used to dangle from the beams. The nearby San Lorenzo river was used to transport the Santa Cruz made leather and ammunition to the ocean.

Angelo built one of the first artist live-work studio spaces not only in Santa Cruz, but in the state of California. With the astronomical cost of living in our county, these attractive living conditions appeal to hardworking serious artists who need a large affordable space to pursue their craft.

For information about residences, call Lisa Litten, property manager: 831.325.5198